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My name is Marian Raafat, I’m the founder, developer and the designer at Mighty Appy smile My passion for art and apps development inspire and motivate me to create apps that combine fun, art and functionality.

On the personal level, I love drawing, traveling, learning new things and listening to music.


Mighty Appy

Mighty Appy is a one developer startup specialized in developing Mac and iPhone Apps. Mighty Appy released 20+ Apps to Apple Appstore since  2012 and I keep developing new apps that adds fun and joy to your life smile

With special thanks to my family, friends and customers, who are always supporting me...A Big Thank yousmile

What People Say About My Apps

I was looking for something to help me keep track of how long I am spending on studying a certain subject matter.

Mr. Stopwatch helped me achieve that. The improvement in the shortcuts was great. Thank you

 Black blossom

Black blossom

Mr. Stopwatch
Just what I needed. I can copy any text, paste it into this app and it automatically produces a “.txt” document for me. I can then drop this “.txt” document into my Kindle where I can read anytime, anywhere. Couldn’t be more practical and utilitarian. Simply beautiful idea. Thank you.


Plan Text
I have to admit that since I downloaded the app, it had a huge effect on me. Frankly, I didn’t think that it could be of any important or substantial use, but I was totally wrong. To me the way this app refresh the verses, (I mean randomly and by chance) is the main reason for its loveliness and being effective.
Wow wow wow! This is probably the coolest app I have come across thus far. The different images are very good quality. I got the app for the fish tank but it turns out all the other images are just as fun. Def. worth the 99 cents!!!!!!