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Hi There,
My name is Marian, I’m a software developer, designer and illustrator. I love to draw, visit new places and learn new things.

Mighty Appy is a one developer Startup founded by me :) , I love to create fun and useful little apps that make you smile in the middle of your busy day!


Life is Too Short To Use Complex Apps!


Desktop Verse

Desktop Verse is a simple utility to add random bible verse to your desktop.View in Mac App Store »

Live Wallpapers

A beautiful live wallpapers that can help you relax in the middle of your stressful busy day.View in Mac App Store »

Folder Icons

Add cool icons to your files/folders in 3 Steps! Choose from +300 icons: Modern, Classy, Cute, Nature, Office, Music, Pictures and much more!View in Mac App Store »

Mr Stopwatch

Mr. Stopwatch is Simple stopwatch with hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds 00:00:00.0View in Mac App Store »

Plain Text

A Simple and Clean text editor that removes text format.View in Mac App Store »

Clock Dock

t’s Live Dock Clock + Desktop Gadget with various clock styles that helps you to keep track of your time.View in Mac App Store »

Dock Battery

Dock Battery is a small little live App on your dock that could help you to keep track of your Apple Magic Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard’s lifetime.View in Mac App Store »


Keep track of the time for goals and events, Countdown days left until your big events!View in Mac App Store »
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Folder Icons App for Mac
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What People Say About My Apps

This is a beautiful app and well worth the price!! Beautiful scenary and I love the seasons images, especially the slow falling snow!!! Its a must to have on everytime I use my computer….It would be cool to see fireflies lighting up the dark or sitting back behind a waterfall in a cave looking out over a the rest of Niagra Falls. How about being in a simple rain and lightening storm or sitting next to a huge fire that consumes the screen. ….so many ideas. How about butterflies going flower to flower? This app is so relaxing…..!!! I absolutely love it. I look forward to many new images. Is this available for the phone…? Cant seem to find it…
Dock Battery does what it claims and maintains a very small footprint…on my iMac, consistently around 8.1 MB. This is much better than the “Battery Status” app, which has an apparent serious memory leak problem. Dock Battery wins, hands down. It can be customized to alert you when a battery dips to 30% and/or 15%. My only concern is that the fonts are very small in the dock icon. When added to your Login Items, be sure to check the “Hide” box, as the app throws up a welcome screen on start-up otherwise. A nice little app!

This is an incredibly clever piece of programming. I used to be a programmer & it beats me how those fish tails can wag so realistically. Congratulations to the author of this program , it’s worth 10 times what I paid for it !!



Alive Wallpaper

This is a great app amazing qualities especially the water feature and graphics. i would rate this 1 million stars if i could! if you are tossing up between two different live wallpapers and you want good value this is definitely the way to go. it has about 20 different live backrounds for every occasion. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Alive Wallpapaers

Super cheerful app, lots of options and customizations When I connect my mbp to my TV It looks awesome on larger displays. In next version I would prefer to make options’ icons smaller, also getting more animation options would be great :)

I have been waiting for an app like this seems like forever. Nothing like waking up to a new scripture every day. Love all the options you have for fonts etc. Thank you so much for this wonderful app!! I give it 5 stars!!

Angelcowgirl 1

Angelcowgirl 1

Desktop Verse

This app is a good reminder that God is always with us. He is there to guide us in everyday life. This app shows us just how much God loves us.



Desktop Verse