Free yourself from negative emotions

Know the enemies of freedom: Anger, Fear, Shame, jealousy, envy, despair, sadness and guilt. just kill ’em and be free bigsmile First, you have to realize your negative emotions. and fight them with the positive ones. If you could change your thoughts, you will change your life. You could get a happy successful life, which you wanted all along.

Steps (5 Mins):

  1. Turn on a good relaxing music.
  2. Open your window, See a good view or nature scenery.  
  3. Say to yourself, what to need to hear : “I’m Free! I will not be a victim for sadness, I will be happy, I will make it true, I’m in control, If there’s something that i don’t like, I will change it! ”.

Warning: Avoid the deep collision with negative people.

Go on:

Spread the good energy around, Smile a lot, Complement others, Help and encourage them. Walk the streets with a big smile on your face smile Feel the breeze, enjoy the weather, Enjoy your food, Surprise them with gifts, they will like it wink

Laugh out loud. Don’t worry about tomorrow, Because, God is already there. Meet with your crazy friends, Sleep, Dance, Go to the movies, Spend time with your family, Feel the beat of your favourite song smile